The purpose of this blog is to record the details of our NCSL Research project and to make sure that we have a running commentary which will allow us to raise issues and explore actions as the research develops.  The overarching title of the research is:

Theme three: How can leaders lead successful teaching school alliances which enable the development of consistently great pedagogy?

This is a very broad questions which, as it stands raises a number of issues in itself – for example, the question assumes that successful teaching school alliances will enable consistently great pedagogy, and there is perhaps a contradiction between ‘development’ and ‘consistently great’ – but the general direction is clear.  We plan to explore the question by focusing on the work we are doing with Trios  across the Teaching School Alliance, with particular reference to the way Trio working helps develop both leadership and pedagogy, as well as the way it draws members of the alliance together.

Another feature of the project is that it will be co-led – by myself, Dr. Richard Steward, Headteacher of The Woodroffe School, and Martin Smith, Headteacher of The Axe Valley Community School.

Our initial planning meeting is set for Friday 12th October.