School Council

I thought that a useful first step would be to ask the School Council for their views on spreading good practice.  I didn’t specifically mention Trio work but I asked them if they were head teachers, how would they make sure that the very best teaching and the best lessons got shared across all the schools in the alliance?  

As ever, without a flicker of hesitation, the group embarked on explaining a series of ideas off the top of their heads which would put many of us to shame. Their ideas were as follows:

  1. Student exchanges – why not send students out to other schools to see what kind of teaching is happening there. The council would be happy to host return visits
  2. Teacher exchanges – let’s swap teachers for a while.
  3. Students and Teachers together – this would lessen the anxiety for the students (and probably the teachers too!) and would allow teachers and students to share ideas when they returned from their visits
  4. Alliance open days – days when teachers could visit other schools to observe the teaching
  5. Model lessons delivered by our best teachers.  Who would choose them? Why us, of course, said the council.
  6. Create a way of sharing resources – a website?
  7. Student observations of lessons.  Would students from another school be less intimidating observing your lessons compared to your own students? Lots of sensitivities here!
  8. Teachers should be taught a lesson by teachers from another school so they understand what it is like to be taught.

Who needs academics?