An example of Trio/Collaborative working in action at Woodroffe

To give an idea of the sort of expectations surrounding Trio work at Woodroffe, see below.  This is a note sent out  by the deputies to all staff involved in Trios recently.  The plan is to ensure that cross-phase and cross-alliance Trios are monitored with the same degree of rigour.

FAO Trio/Collaborative Learning Leaders

Arrangements for Monday Meeting

Dear colleague

Next Monday meeting time is dedicated to Collaborative/Trio Work Review. Whilst Jo and I will be available to meet Trio/Collaborative Leaders should you require it (in my office) we hope that staff primarily use the time to undertake some of the following activities:

  1. To arrange lesson visits to investigate your agreed focus
  2. To analyse any baseline data that you have gathered (pupil interview/ questionnaire responses/ examples of work etc)
  3. To undertake planning of in-class activities that your team plan to trial
  4. To review outcomes from any initial trialling of work

Please make sure that you email us minutes from your meeting recording agreed actions/ outcomes

The next Collaborative/Trio Review meeting isn’t far away and is scheduled for January 28th 2013

At that time we will expect from each trio/collaborative leader a mid year review of your work. This will need to include on no more than one side of A4. 

  1. The focus of work (and remember it should be about improving pupil learning and not teaching)
  2. Evidence of your baseline – setting out robustly how you know there are skills/aptitudes that students in your areas need improving
  3. Summary of action in your first cycle of collaborative work
  4. Summary of evidence that might suggest any initial impact

 We plan to meet all leaders to review progress on January 28th.

If you need any of these details clarifying do come and see us next Monday in PDR’s office! (If we have a larger turnout we’ll move it to B8).

Paul and Jo