Evaluating the Hypothesis

Alliance Trio Evaluations

 In order for the success of Trio working to be evaluated as part of our NCSL Research and Development Project, we need to ensure that participants are aware of the need to keep careful records of their work and for them to be aware that they will need to consider the impact of Trio working on their classroom practice and the practice of others.  This can be done, however, with relatively little effort.

 At the end of the project period, each Trio will be asked to do the following:

  1. Give a short presentation outlining the aims of the Trio work, how it went and whether it achieved its goals. What were the outcomes and what was the impact on pupil learning?  This presentation will be to the other Trio groups but it would be good if we can involve senior leaders from partner schools.  Indeed, one suggestion is to hold a mini-conference day to allow the sharing of ideas.
  2. Write a brief report answering the following questions:

    1. Briefly describe the aims of your Trio focus
    2. Describe what went well and what you would do differently
    3. What impact has there been on your own teaching?
    4. What have you learned from your Trio colleagues?
    5. What impact has there been on students in your class/classes?
    6. Have you shared your experiences and findings with colleagues beyond the Trio and has this had any impact on their work?
    7. Do you feel more connected to other schools in the Teaching School Alliance as a result of your work?
    8. Are you prepared to lead another trio, working in different schools?
    9. If so, what would be the focus of your work?
    10. Finally, how does Trio/Collaborative working compare to more traditional forms of CPD?


In addition, the plan is to ask the various head teachers of the schools involved in cross-alliance Trios a few questions about the impact of the project:

  • Where you aware of the work that Teacher 1 was doing as part of this project?
  • If so, did you become involved?
  • Do you think it has had any impact on Teacher 1’s classroom practice? If so, please explain how.
  • Do you think it has had any impact on pupil attainment?
  • Do you feel that this method of working has been a) useful to your school and b) useful to the development of the Teaching School alliance?
  • If you already use Trio working, or something similar, as part of your CPD programme, would you now consider linking your school’s work with the work of other schools in the alliance?
  • If you have not used Trio working before, is this something you would consider building into your CPD programme in the future?
  • Finally, do you feel that Trio working helps to build social capital across the alliance?