Trios and the Cultural Sector

It has been a while since I have added anything to this blog but that’s because there are now a number of Trios up and running and getting on with their research.  Feedback via the two SLEs leading our first two cross-alliance Trios has been very positive, with both groups working exceptionally well together, and there has been strong support from the Steering Group.  If successful, each member of the Trio will move on next year to run another cr0ss-alliance Trio.

We have now earmarked 24th April as the Trio feedback day. Each Trio – both cross-alliance and cross-phase – has been asked to prepare a brief presentation of their findings to the headteachers of the alliance schools and to lead a short discussion on their work.  It is hoped that the discussion phase will allow comparisons to me made between the groups and perhaps highlight further areas of potential study.

The latest development, however, is likely to take us off in a new direction entirely. The Jurassic Coast Teaching School Alliance was lucky enough to be selected as a Cultural Education Lead school and we have been working closely with the Arts Council’s Bridge organisation, RIO, to set this up.  One of the key ideas suggested by our contact, Lynsey Hall, was another set of Trios.  before she visited Woodroffe she did her homework and became really interested in this Trio project and latter suggested that we set up some pilot Trios comprising two teachers and someone from the cultural sector.  Planning is in the preliminary stages but she has a couple of people from arts organisations interested already and we think we will be able to link them up to arts teachers in our schools fairly easily.  The aim is to give the non-teachers a genuine insight into life the the classroom in order to make their school based work much more effective and to raise awareness among teachers of what the cultural sector has to offer.

The Cultural Education project is, as we have now come to expect from the DfE, somewhat amorphous but we see this as a great opportunity to develop ideas as we think best.  The aims of our project are as follows:

  • To develop excellent CPD resources to support teachers to understand, engage with and deliver high quality cultural education to children and young people.
  • Within the framework of teaching school alliances, to make resources available to as many schools and teachers as possible. Our ambition is for every school in the alliance to participate in at least one activity or access one resource.
  • To build effective and innovative partnerships between teaching school alliances and cultural organisations that support all schools to give many and rich experiences to all pupils.

Trio work aligns readily with these aims and offers us a real opportunity to initiate something both innovative and imaginative.