Trio Presentations

As can be seen from the Trio presentations now uploaded to the main site, the Presentation evening was a remarkable success with a series of informative, insightful and entertaining summaries of the work done so far.  Perhaps the most impressive feature was the consistency – each group had something really powerful to offer and each had come up with some striking results.

The degree to which each group focused on pedagogy was also notable.  These were not presentations where colleagues merely regaled us with a series of events; these were thoughtful reflections on genuine research. Talking to members of the audience afterwards, everyone had been given something to think about.

And it was all based on classroom practice, where true school improvement lies.  In a world increasingly dominated by point scores and morally dubious organisations like PIXL, where the main thrust is about playing the system, it was a pleasure to watch a series of presentations where everyone involved recognised the fact that genuine school improvement is about improvement in the classroom. 

It was also pleasing to observe the degree to which each Trio had reflected on the impact of their work together, and there were some powerful accounts of how each project had influence both their own and others’ approaches to teaching.

So, after an evening of many inspirational moments, what next?

Each trio still has work to do and we will soon enter the planning stage for next year with, hopefully, more participants and more schools involved.