Trio Evaluation

Each school involved in Trio work this year was asked to complete a brief questionnaire so that we could gather some feedback directly from headteachers.  The responses have been compiled and set out in  the table below.

The feedback is generally very positive – and the subsequent discussion at the recent Teaching School Steering Group meeting suggested that there is a great deal of interest in both continuing and expanding the project.

The strongest responses came from the individuals involved in the trios, and it is clear that they really enjoyed taking part and valued the opportunity. The dissemination of their findings has varied from school to school, with some talking directly to staff and SLT while others tended to see the programme as a personal CPD opportunity. 

As the Trios expand and develop – as it now seems clear they will – the impact on schools in the alliance is likely to be stronger as more and more staff get involved.  

There are issues with the logistics of setting up Trios, particularly in primary settings where cover for colleagues is much more of a problem, and, for a rural alliance, travel is problematic, but there is no doubt that the basic principle is sound.  The work done this year has certainly helped to stimulate interest and discussion regarding pedagogy, and encouraged colleagues to move discussions beyond subject issues to broader teaching enquiries.  The idea that the JCTSA is focusing relentlessly on Teaching and Learning is becoming established, as is the notion that the common currency across all the schools involved is the language of pedagogy.

Schools have now been asked to submit names for next year’s trios and we hope by the end of this term to have a new structure in place for the autumn.

    Marshwood Primary St Michael’s Primary Axe Valley CC Budmouth Colyton Grammar King’s Charmouth St Mary’s Thorncombe
  Question Pyramid Trio Pyramid Trio Alliance Trio Alliance Trio Alliance Trio Alliance Trio Pyramid Trio Pyramid Trio
1 Were you aware that your member(s) of staff were invloved in Trio work? Yes, this is the third time one teacher has been involved. The first for the other. Yes Yes – involved in selection yes yes yes Yes Yes! I was keen for him to be involved again as he found last year’s first trial very useful.
2 Were other staff in your schoool aware? Yes Yes Yes – but probably not widely all of the SLT team plus about 25 staff who attended Saira’s inset session on our achievement day yes yes in the maths department and those associated with INSET Yes Yes, especially as when one member of the teaching staff is out it usually impacts on the other staff in some way.
3 Have they shared their reseach with you? Yes, part of SDP. Also met with teachers after each trio meeting and fedback learning points in staff meetings. Yes Not yet- something planned – but she has shared finding with SLT Lead for Teaching and Learning no but she has shared it with members of the TfEL team plus several of the staff that attended her inset day not formally as yet Some of it. He will do a feedback to the whole staff alter when they have finished Yes Mark has verbally fed back to me from every session spent involved with the trio in this round.
4 What impact has the project had on your school this year? Both teachers have become more reflective and evaluate their own approaches in more depth. Also the sharing of new ideas from other schools has influenced all the teachers as we have built in time to try out new approaches in response to the trio members advice. A growing confidence in teachers analytical thinking about impact and exploring a range of strategies in Maths. An increase in the level of professional discussion linked to progress, learning and effort linked to the Bounce Book. Strengthened our view that trio working is a highly effective tool; built new links with other schools that are not solely SLT level. developing classroom practise based on the findings from the trio work which will be ongoing it has improved Nic’s involvement in thinking about learning Not a lot really. It took some time to get off the ground but it has helped Rob in his own teaching – especially with the focus group of students Not alot yet as other school priorities have dominated Mark can describe some ways his teaching has changed as an outcome from taking part but due to the nature of trio work being a personal journey we haven’t expected it to impact on everyone’s teaching. The main impacts have been logistical and financial, Mark has had a lot of costly time out for meetings, some of which have been arranged fairly last minute which has had a significant effect on us to organise class cover.
5 What impact is it likely to have in the future? I am sure this form of CPD will be of benefit, particularly the opportunity to develop links with a range of schools. The model is already planned to be used as our CPD across the school with teachers and Tas. A lead in the focus on learners and childrens progress within a learning centred environment. Further developent of the language is used. An increated professionalism and link to collaborative learning to strive for an increasing number of outstanding questions. Hopefully more teachers will be engaged in cross alliance projects liket this, give us confidence to expand our trio projects. more staff involved in trio work based on teacher collaborative learning She has talked about doing an in-school version Hopefully following sharing with the staff it will encourage more of the same Alot Mark will be more skilled in supporting our less experienced team members in taking part in trio or other similar work and can help promote an atmosphere of non-threatening peer to peer work as a means of improving one’s practice.
6 Have they presented their work to other colleagues in staff meetings or departmental meetings?   No not yet. We intend to but not in diary Not yet but planned inset session on achievement day plus presentation to SLT bo but she will at professional skills meeting in July hopefully Will do No Not as yet but it is on our agenda.
7 Do you feel that the work done as part of this project has drawn your school closer to the other schools represented in the Trio? Yes teachers feel they are benefiting frm bespoke hands on CPD that gives them the opportunity to reflect and review their thinking over a sustained period of time.  Yes it increases each year. It is vital that it is not just the headteachers working together. Yes work with Kings and Woodroffe unsuitable on the presesnt trio set up working with Woodroffe and Colyton yes Only in the specific areas Definately To a certain extent, particularly on a one to one staff level, not really at a whole school level.
8 Do you think that Trio working is an effective way of sharing outstanding pedagogy across the pyramid and alliance? yes Yes I would also like us to investigate teach meet sessions for sharing good ideas and good practice in addition to research style trio. Yes definitely yes very effective but has an impact if the trio is too far apart so it is better to be regionalised or within one school yes – it is something we would like to continue with and offer another chance to someone next year Theoretically yes – practically? Not sure Yes The trio certainly provides a forum for this to happen, my only comment would be that in this particular trio, the 3 members were fairly inexperienced so it’s potentially difficult to quality assure the lessons without a more experienced member of staff trained in effective questioning to draw out aspects of outstanding learning and teaching and ensure all trio members are challenged sufficiently during the process. Surely the trio is better designed for practitioners who aim to be outstanding and who want to unpick good pedagoical practice to help them on their journey to outstanding, rather than just sharing good practice?
9 Do other members of your staff wish to take part in Trios next year and do you feel you are able to support them? we would like to continue with this and develop it further with support staff as well. I am still in the throws of appointing teachers so do not know BUT I would expect them to. yes more would. We run our own Outstanding teacher programme which has a big hit on participating teachers time/cover so only issue would be balancing this with another project that required time out of the classroom. no feedback to say that staff are interested but I would suggest that distance is an issue and we need time to embed within our school see above – I suspect some would although I doubt if many know of her involvement at present I think until Rob has fed back to the staff it is difficult to tell The project is fantastic but circumstances may prevent involvement next year but happy to talk about it As we only have 3 teachers, one of whom is Mark who has taken part twice now and, one of whom is currently an NQT, we would welcome the opportunity probably the year after next when our team have more experience and readiness to put themselves forward for trio work.
10 Finally, any other comments would be welcome     Thanks for leading on this. Look forward to the next stage. very keen to develop trio work, including cross phase work but we need to regionalise it and develop in house even further as with the MA /Research suggestion, I feel that we would like regular relatively small scale involvment to copliment our other CPD work in school The ideas are good but the time and logistics of getting people together across schools meant that it was slow to really get started. Maybe that is just a learning curve for us.
I think it will have more impact for us working cross phase. Maybe if we do spread this model out then we need to have a more consistent focus across all the trios involving the school.