Cultural Trios

With the new term, the new trios as outlined at the end of last term will soon be getting underway.  In addition to the cross alliance secondary trios, discussions are taking place with the primary schools to create some cross alliance primary Trios led by our primary SLE.

The ‘Cultural Trio’ proposed as part of our role as a Cultural Education Lead school has now been established.  Dot Wood, Direct of Arts, commented:

‘We have just set up our first Trio for our research aspect into learning within the arts. I have a secondary art teacher from Axminster, Devon a secondary drama teacher from Chard in Somerset and an animation workshop leader from our local Arts centre in Exeter ( DAISI). So it is a cross county border group which is something I was keen for us in our coordinating role to encourage. It did take a while to set up and get the three together – we had our first meeting in July and they plan to visit each other before we have our conference on October 17th. I wanted to use them as an example at our conference and then hopefully get another two Trios from other schools/ arts agencies up and running by July 2014. Once I have feedback from our first group I can publish it and hopefully it will be useful to share within all the network of schools.’