A Mentally Healthy School

Jo Elliott, one of our Subject Leaders of Education (SLE), who is based at The King’s School, recently attended a School Development Support Agency training on ‘Leading and Developing A Mentally Healthy School’. Jo and The King’s School will lead the rollout of this training across the alliance and beyond. There will be two days of training for school leaders, one on ‘strategic leadership in the creation of the right ethos and culture for a mentally healthy school’ and the second on ‘developing policies that will support and maintain good mental health in schools’. The alliance is also planning to join forces with an ‘Early Help for Mental Health’ practitioner from Devon Child Adolescent and Mental Health Service (CAMHS) to ensure that there is access to information from a mental health clinician. The upcoming Green Paper and likely changes to Ofsted inspection criteria mean this training is timely. Dates will be announced before the Spring half Term.