We are delighted to welcome our new Teaching Schools Manager, Laura Webb. Laura will take over from Sarah Parsons in September. She brings a wealth of experience from the University of Exeter and has already spent a great deal of time getting to know how things work and where things are going.

Laura Webb

The Role of the Subject Leader of Education

Teaching schools are responsible for the designation, brokering, deploying and quality assuring SLEs. SLEs will be outstanding senior or middle leaders for a minimum of two years and will have a particular area or areas of expertise. SLEs will have a successful track record of school improvement and will be expected to provide school-to-school support within their own and other schools.

SLEs will:

  • have excellent interpersonal skills
  • be able to work sensitively and collaboratively with others
  • have a commitment to outreach work
  • understand what outstanding learning and teaching is
  • understand what outstanding leadership practice in their own area of specialism(s) looks like
  • have the ability to help other leaders to achieve it in their own context

SLEs may be commissioned to work in the following areas:

  • continuing professional development: e.g. INSET, twilights, training days
  • initial teacher training/NQT year
  • school-based research and development work
  • school improvement work

Support may be provided in the form of:

  • Undertaking learning walks/observations
  • Leading subject/departmental audits
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • One-to-one peer coaching
  • Facilitated group support/training
  • Data analysis
  • Joint action planning

Impact of SLEs:

In their own school:

  • an excellent form of continuing professional development for senior and middle leaders
  • enhancing knowledge, skills and abilities to further improve their current role and influence others
  • supporting schools’ internal succession planning strategies by enabling individuals to demonstrate that they are ready to step up to the next leadership level
  • further developing skills such as coaching and mentoring to support colleagues in their own school
  • re-energising and motivating both the SLE and, through dissemination of learning, other staff
  • opportunity to share outstanding practice with colleagues
  • learning about how different systems and contexts from the schools they support helps to develop practice back at their own setting.

To schools receiving support:

  • peer-to-peer support and building leadership capacity delivered in a collaborative way
  • partnership approach to developing local solutions, taking into account individual schools’ own circumstances
  • embedding coaching and mentoring approaches that support sustainable change and improvement
  • engaging with an outstanding expert with leadership skills in a particular field of practice who also understands current challenges, policy, best practice and local needs
  • ensuring that staff feel empowered and have the skills, knowledge and understanding required to improve practice and in turn outcomes
  • improved practice/systems are sustainable.

A fantastic opportunity to hear from: one of the world’s most prestigious educational speakers; senior representatives from NCTL, Ofsted and the DfE and outstanding speakers from the field.

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School Direct 2016The Jurassic Coast Teaching Schools Alliance are pleased to advise that the 2017/2018 School Direct application round will open on Tuesday 18 October 2016.

The alliance have secured 45 training placements across a number of subjects and Home schools. Click here for full information about the 2017/2018 application round.

IsobelThe Jurassic Coast Teaching Schools Alliance 2016/17 School Direct application round has now closed.

The alliance has requested quota in the 2017/18 application round and will publish the subjects and Home Schools available, later in the year.

sarah parsonsFollowing a decision earlier in the year to recruit for a new Teaching Schools Manager, Martin Brook, Principal at Holyrood Academy, agreed to second his Assistant Principal, Sarah Parsons for a year, in the first instance, to undertake the role.

Richard StewardDr Richard Steward, Headteacher, The Woodroffe School, said, “Sarah will join us from 01 September 2015. She is exactly the person we need to get things going.  She already has a good understanding of how Teaching Schools work, she is efficient and highly capable, and, above all, as Holyrood are a partner school of the alliance, she is known to us already as a valued colleague. 

Sarah will take up her role working in both The Woodroffe School and Holyrood Academy. Initially, she will be seconded for three days a week but, once Redstart Primary is designated as a Primary Teaching School, she will move up to four days and work across both alliances. 

There is a huge amount of work to be done in simply running the alliance but there are also key developments that will need managing, including the link to Redstart Primary’s new Teaching School, the role of the North Dorset ‘satellite’, School to School support and the expansion of the School Direct Programme. Exciting times!”


On Wednesday 01 July 2015, over 25 members of staff from a number of schools across the Jurassic Coast Teaching Schools Alliance, both Secondary and Primary, came together to present their findings following their participation in the 2014/15 Trio Working Group Programme.

The research covered across the nine collaborative groupings included:

How effective is using a real life context to deepen children’s learning and thinking across ability range?

What does deep learning and mastery of learning look like?

How do we motivate learners to apply independently what they have learnt?

Growth mindset – Impact and Future

Approaches to using directed individual response time

Using student feedback in teacher planning

Click on the link below for the complete Presentation from the evening.

   Trio_Presentation_Evening_2015.pdf (7.8 MiB, 1,567 hits)

Latest NewsRead the latest edition of the Jurassic Coast Teaching Schools Alliance Newsletter and Update. Further editions can be found here.

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