Research Reading Groups

Educational Research Reading Groups:

• Alliance schools offer their staff an opportunity to meet together informally once every half term to discuss educational research and its impact in classrooms.
• Each Alliance school identifies a ‘research lead’ who will coordinate the group.
• Two suggested readings around a theme will be identified and emailed in advance to the research leads for distribution to their groups. Suggested discussion points/questions will also be provided.
• The research lead needs to have read the materials in advance of the group getting together but group members might choose to just come along and listen to the discussion without having read the materials in advance.

• It is hoped that the Groups will be of interest to teachers at all stages of their careers in both primary and secondary schools, as well as TAs etc.
• Trainee teachers should be encouraged (or required?!) to attend.

• Once every half term for 30 – 45 mins.
• Groups could get together before the school day starts or at lunchtime or after school.

• There is widespread agreement that teaching should be ‘evidence based’ but what does this actually mean in practice? And how can teachers be encouraged to engage critically with educational research findings when they already have so many demands on their time?
• The Reading Groups aim to give colleagues some targeted time and space to reflect, discuss and debate in a supportive environment.

Please contact Beth Brooke if your school would like to set up an Educational Research Reading Group.