2013 Feedback Evening

Cross Phase and Cross Alliance Trio Feedback Presentation Evening

On Wednesday 24 April 2013, Mike Collins, representative for the National College for Teaching and Leadership, attended the first Jurassic Coast Teaching Schools Alliance Trio Feedback Presentation Evening.

The evening saw two Cross Alliance and three Cross Phase Trio Working Groups give a brief presentation of their work and their findings to an invited audience.

Mike Collins Mike Collins said, “The work described was so striking, without exception, for the thinking and insights those involved were getting about their own practice as well as the learning of students. Brilliant Stuff.”

Click on the links below to view the reports and presentions given during the 2013 Cross Phase and Cross Alliance Feedback Evening

  Trio Feedback Evening - April 2013 (RJV) (936.5 KiB, 723 hits)
  Trio Presentation Thorncombe, Marshwood and Charmouth (534.7 KiB, 1,295 hits)
  Alliance Trio Evaluation Report - Thorncombe, Marshwood and Charmouth (312.1 KiB, 485 hits)
  Marshwood, Charmouth and Woodroffe Trio Presentation (663.9 KiB, 585 hits)
  Marshwood, Charmouth and Woodroffe Report - April 2013 (409.4 KiB, 531 hits)

Videos of each of the presentations were made. Click play to watch footage from the night.