About Us

The role and remit of the Alliance Steering Group is:

  • To work cooperatively to ensure the development of the Alliance and to help foster an atmosphere of mutual support and engagement
  • To encourage the development of innovative practices, cutting edge research and high quality teaching and learning
  • To act as a channel for communication so that information and ideas are communicated to all Alliance partners and feedback is received by the Steering Group
  • To ensure that ITT recruitment and new models of practice are understood and contributed to by each school and academy
  • To enable Trainee Teachers to gain employment in schools in the SW and to ensure that 100% of schools feedback to us on the progress of the NQTs at the end of their first year in teaching
  • To enable Trainee Teachers to get an outstanding experience wherever they are placed, so that their development is supported by exposure to a range of different schools, experiences and contexts
  • To ensure that JCTSA CPD programmes meet the needs of schools in the Alliance and the needs of schools beyond the alliance.
  • To ensure that the JCTSA CPD programmes are of high quality, recruit and retain delegates and that the evaluations meet the NCSL’s Key Performance Indicators
  • To ensure that the group receives appropriate feedback from Alliance colleagues who are delivering training to groups of staff and that this is used to drive future internal and external CPD from the delivery teams
  • To ensure that Specialist Leaders in Education are designated and deployed in a way that improves student outcomes for schools in the locality
  • To be accountable to alliance partner governing bodies for the National Teaching School KPIs.

If you would like to view the full Action Plan, please contact Diane Mattock on 01297 442233.