Subjects & Locations

The 2019/2020 School Direct application round for training placements with the Jurassic Coast Teaching Schools Alliance is now open.

Biology-The Kings School

Chemistry-Honiton Community College and The Woodroffe School

English-Budmouth College,Holyrood Academy,Beaminster School and Sir John Colfox

Geography(Distance learning)-Beaminster School and The Woodroffe School

History-Holyrood Academy

Maths-Honiton Community College,Holyrood Academy,King’s School,The Woodroffe School

Spanish-Sir John Colfox

French-Beaminster School

PE-Budmouth College,The King’s School,Beaminster School

Physics-Honiton Community College,The Woodroffe School

Primary General-Redstart Teaching Alliance

RE-The King’s School, Beaminster School